Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas To Help You Start Your Day On A High

Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day and it helps to give you the energy to go about your daily life feeling energised and productive.

Meal prep is a great way to take all the hard work out of cooking and can help make sure you always have delicious, healthy meals ready to go whenever you need them without having to worry about the time it takes to prepare and cook them.

One of the easiest meals to prep ahead of time is breakfast as there are so many quick and simple recipes that you can prepare in advance and store in the fridge or freezer for the week ahead.

This can help to ensure you always have breakfast you can grab and go, even on days when you are in a rush or running late.

One of the best breakfasts you can prep ahead of time is overnight oats. These can be prepared the night before or even a few days before and left in the fridge to become thick, creamy and delicious.

All you need are porridge oats, many milk of your choice and any additions such as honey, jam, fruit or nuts. Simply combine all your ingredients, leave in the fridge overnight and wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast with little to no effort.

Another great breakfast meal prep option is smoothies. Smoothies are super easy to make and can be prepared in minutes. You can use frozen fruit, yoghurt, vegetables and nuts and even add in ingredients such as protein powder or supplements.

These can be prepared in bulk and frozen in portions which you can take out and place in the fridge to defrost overnight, ready to enjoy in the morning. Smoothies can keep in the freezer for several months and stay just as delicious and nutritious as if they were fresh.

Breakfast muffins are a great meal prep option too. You can make savoury or sweet muffins, egg muffins or oat muffins and bake a bulk batch which can then be stored in the fridge, in an airtight container or even frozen.

These are a great choice if you want variety as you can make multiple different flavours and have something new to eat every morning which can help to prevent you from getting bored or overeating the same food every day.

Breakfast muffins are also the perfect breakfast to eat on the go as they are small and can easily be taken in the car or on your morning commute, meaning you can save even more time in the morning and even get a few extra minutes of beauty sleep.

When meal prepping it is important that you store your meal correctly to ensure they stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible. 

You could always try and portion out your prepared meals, especially when freezing to ensure you don’t have to defrost more than you need and waste food.