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Vegan Meal Prep Week Plan | Prepared Vegan Meal Delivery UK
Vegan Meal Prep for Weight Loss | Delivered To Your Door

Meal Prep UK

pREP is all about healthy & tasty halal meal prep.

So many people make an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle but don’t find the time to prepare their food, this is why pREP was created.

To serve healthy halal ready made meals to as many people as we can. All our food is fresh and cooked to perfection.

We are passionate and proud to use only the finest fresh local produce to support our fellow independents, this was key in building our brand. Unlike other halal meal delivery companies we believe in the freshest quality meals. The best halal meal prep UK has to offer with 2 collection days per week where your meals are cooked the same day to keep taste and flavour at its best.

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