Ditch The Diet And Eat Healthy

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown were major events that had a big impact on the health of a nation. With places closing and people isolated from each other, it became more difficult to keep up with exercise routines and meal prep. As we now attempt to readjust after lockdown, there are numerous celebrity voices with advice and hints on how to get back to eating right.

After sharing a recent bikini beach snap, former EastEnders and Love Actually star Martine McCutcheon has discussed how she has ditched restrictive diets and has instead opted for a different, more balanced approach to eating food.

“For 80% of my week, I will have mainly just healthy proteins, vegetables and fruit, organic and veggie juices, and Flora ProActiv spread. And then I’ll have treats 20% of the time.” McCutcheon told OK magazine earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Lorraine Kelly, host of This Morning, has also hit out against restrictive diets. During lockdown, the TV personality admitted that she indulged in what she called “mindless comfort eating” and not exercising enough.

Fellow TV star Jane McDonald has also been in the news with her dietary recommendations. “If I have breakfast, I don’t have lunch. If I have a lunch, I don’t eat breakfast”, she recently explained in an interview with the Daily Express.

The 59-year-old has previously revealed that she doesn’t eat crisps and that her diet limits white carbs such as white flour and white pasta. She also no longer eats bread that contains yeast, a trick she picked up after participating in the reality show Sugar Free Farm just a few years ago.

Then there is Paul Hollywood, host of the beloved channel 4 show The Great British Bake Off. Though a man with a sweet tooth, Hollywood has also recently been discussing the secrets of his weight loss during the lockdown.

As well as exercising and cutting down on excessive alcohol drinking, Hollywood revealed that his average daily diet includes a trip to a neighbour’s farm for a couple of eggs to have with homemade toast.

But what do the weight loss experts say when it comes to dieting and healthy eating? With so many different approaches and methods advocated by celebrities, it can be difficult to choose a regimen that benefits you.

TV doctor and weight loss expert Michael Mosley has crafted several diet plans for those looking to make their health journey less of a chore. Though strict overall, his diets do allow for the occasional treat. Intriguingly he advises not to cut out dessert but to incorporate foods that can help with weight loss.

Dark chocolate or red wine, for example, can provide health benefits if eaten in moderation. According to Dr Mosley’s Fast 800 website; “Research shows that resveratrol, a compound present in red wine (as well as in blueberries, cranberries, and cocoa) can contribute to the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet”.

Finding the right balance is key. Plan your diet well and you will soon discover that healthy eating has enormous benefits for both mental and physical well-being.