Easy To Make Meal Prep Ideas

Organising a weekly meal prep can be intimidating at first. There are containers to buy, potentially new equipment to use and a lot of new recipes to try that are more of a risk given how much you plan to make.

However, cooking does not need to be complex at all, nor does it ever need to be boring. A lot of meal bases are very simple, and it only takes a small amount of pesto, paprika or any other spice to transform a dish.

Here are some ideal easy to make meal prep ideas.



Meal prep is often associated with pots and pans and a lot of washing up, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of meals can be made with just one pot, or in this case, one baking tray.

All you need is a small bowl to mix your seasoning, get your vegetables and protein all on one sheet pan, put it in the oven and then serve.

You can use this to make delicious fajitas, harissa chicken, delicious roast salmon and many other scrumptious dishes.

If you have a larger roasting pan, you could even roast a whole chicken or meat joint in a single pan in the same way, with onions, carrots, potato chunks and veggies on the bottom so they cook with the chicken.

Make more than you need and store the rest for the week ahead.



Curries are delicious, quick to make, and with spices and seasonings that have a great effect on your health.

Depending on your method, a curry can take as little as 15 minutes to make, or you can use a slow cooker to make an incredible filling curry over the course of several hours.


Three Ingredient Brown Pasta

The classic staple of meal prep, if you make a range of different protein, veg and carbohydrate sources and put them together in different configurations, you can make several unique and satisfying dishes in no time at all