Healthy Lunches When Returning To The Office

With pandemic restrictions being lifted, many people will be returning to the office soon after almost two years of working from home. But for those who have had the luxury of working next to their own kitchen, it is time to start planning and prepping your lunches for work again.

As well as saving you money as you avoid buying expensive, and often unhealthy pre-packaged sandwiches from the local supermarket or coffee shop to your office, meal prep is also a good way to make use of leftovers and reduce food waste.

But there’s more to making a good lunch than popping a cheese sandwich in a Ziplock bag, especially if you want a delicious and nutritious lunch you look forward to eating. Let’s have a look at a few tips to get you started!


Invest in quality containers

You can wrap your lunch in cling film, tin foil, or plastic bags, but to help reduce waste, good, quality containers are there way to go. They can be easily rinsed out at work and washed when you get home. They will last for years and resist cracking or breaking, as well as stopping your lunch from getting squashed in your bag.


Schedule a Meal-Prep Day

Mornings in many busy households can be hectic, and likely a reason why you don’t seem to find the time to make a healthy lunch to take to work, instead, relying on the local takeaway spot. This is where meal prep can transform your life.

Choose a day or evening that works best for you, and plan out three to five lunches that you can prepare and easily store in your newly purchased containers.


Eat All Those Leftovers

While some people hate the idea of leftovers, many others know that they can often taste better the day after. If you’ve never taken leftover casserole, curry, or soup to work, then now is a good time to start!


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