How The Right Kind Of Diet Can Get You Fitter Faster

With summer fast approaching, now may seem a bit late to start on trying to get that ideal ‘beach body’ for the season ahead. But is it all that simple?

Clearly, if your physical state is barely off the ‘couch’ phase of Couch to 5K, it may be a major challenge to say the least to get in shape by Midsummer’s Day, or even the summer holidays in August. But not everyone is so unfit to begin with.

If you are in a position where you are not too much out of shape but could get trimmer, there are many things you can do, with the right diet meal prep and lots of exercise providing a winning combination.

Prepping a meal is not easy, which is why the expert can help. For instance, as Origym notes, a good balance of the right healthy foods is the key to nutrition, which matters more than questions such as whether you should go for three meals a day of 5-6, a matter on which opinion is divided.

If you are doing lots of running or other exercises to get fit, you can benefit from eating different things on different days. The BBC Good Food guide advises that carbohydrates are the most important food. If you are not training a lot, you only need one carb-rich meal, ideally breakfast. More carbs are required for a heavy day.

Of course, some say the whole idea of the ‘summer body’ or beach body is a myth and in one sense they are right. While it may be great to look good physically while baring a bit more skin on a warm sunny day, getting and staying fit is something you can do all the time. 

Don’t just get fit for summer; eat the right meals and stay active so you can stay in shape all year round.