How To Eat Well When Out Running In Huddersfield

Everyone who likes to keep fit will know they need to eat well. It’s not just about cutting out excess fat or refined sugar, but also consuming the right things to boost energy just when it is needed, either before or after exercise.

For those who like to run a lot, either on the streets or the hills, this is particularly true. Being in a hilly part of the country, prep meals in Huddersfield will have to take into account the strenuous nature of the challenge that would not be so applicable in flatter areas in the eastern half of England or even some areas across the Pennines.

Even so, there are some foods that are ideal for all runners. Top energy foods include bananas as a source of fast-release sugar and carbs, as well as potassium. Exercise sweats a lot of this out of your system, but some unzipped fruity yellow food will help put it back.

Oats are also ideal for energy, with high carb levels and slow blood sugar release, so they make great prep food for a long day of exercise. Pasta and potatoes are also great for carbs.

For vitamins, peanut butter can be ideal for vitamin E and broccoli for vitamin C – as well as iron. 

If you do want a nice treat, this can be included in the form of dark chocolate. It has less fat than milk chocolate while containing more cocoa, which is loaded with antioxidants and flavanoids.

Even things like coffee can be good after a run because they are high in energy, while yoghurts and eggs are great at putting protein back in. 

Indeed, it is important to think about what you will consume after exercise as well as before it, partly because you don’t want to feel excessively tired or suffer cramp, but also to help your body heal any small injuries. 

Given West Yorkshire’s hilly terrain, eating well will be very important to keep you going on those Pennine moors and ready for more in the days ahead.