How To Save Money With Meal Prepping

One of the most fascinating aspects of meal prep services is that people begin prepping for so many different reasons with particular goals in mind.

For some, it is simply about ensuring they can eat nutritious, healthy food that fits around their busy lives, for others, it is a part of their journey to a fitter, healthier version of themselves, and for others still, it is a specific part of their bodybuilding or athletic lifestyles.

However, one of the most interesting goals, particularly in the wake of a cost of living crisis is to use meal prepping as a way to save money on food.

In many ways, this indeed is the case; meal prepping inherently involves buying in bulk and portioning out meals to eat over a week or sometimes longer. As a result, less is wasted and clever planning can sometimes cut your food bill in half.

Here are some top tips for saving money with your meal prep.


Buy Fresh Produce In The Evening

If there is a farmer’s market nearby or a supermarket you live near that regularly discounts fresh food, that is typically the best time to stock up on fresh supplies, before you get to work roasting, steaming, freezing and storing your fruit and vegetables.

The reason for this is you can save huge amounts of money by buying produce that would otherwise only go to waste. Reducing waste means saving money.


Buy In Season

On a similar note, you will save yourself a huge amount of money buying seasonal fruits and vegetables and building your meals around them rather than shopping too far out of season.

If there is an abundance of some particular ingredients available at a bargain price, that’s the time to buy and prep them, especially given how many recipes are available online to spice up your meal prep.


Eat Eggs

In terms of versatile, delicious and easy-to-cook sources of protein, eggs are exceptionally hard to beat, and often can bring a collection of ingredients together into a delicious meal.

Just be aware that eggs are not the best ingredient to freeze.