How To Stay Healthy On Holiday

After working hard in the gym and making sure you eat the right foods for several months, you don’t want to undo all that effort with two indulgent weeks in the sun. So, if you want to stick to a healthy regime while still being able to enjoy your summer break, read on.


  • Have a daily treat

The temptation to eat a lot on holiday comes from over-restricting yourself leading up to it or even when you’re there. If you have spent a long time in a calorie deficit and been ordering healthy dishes from meal prep UK services, you might want to treat yourself to ice-creams, sugary cocktails and platefuls of chips. That is why you should let yourself have a couple of goodies a day but stop yourself from overindulging.

If you know you’ll have an afternoon ice-cream or a dessert after your meal, you’re less likely to binge on them, but will still feel like you’re enjoying yourself on your vacation.


  • Stick to healthy food principles

Those who have been eating a healthy diet leading up to their break will know all about the importance of getting the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbs and fats. Try to stick to the principles – and portions – you are used to, so you can be sure you are not drifting too far off your diet plan.


  • Limit alcohol intake

Holidays are a time to let loose, and for many of us this involves having an alcoholic drink in the evening. However, it is sensible not to go overboard with boozy beverages, especially those on all-inclusive deals who can get a limitless amount of alcoholic drinks.

Remember, these are full of sugar and calories, so could push you well over your daily allowance if you have a few every day, giving you some extra pounds to shift when you come back.

Lots of people also develop ‘holiday heart’, an abnormal cardiac rhythm so-called because of the binge drinking culture on vacations, which is another reason to watch alcohol intake.