Leading Sports Stars Who Thrive On Gluten-Free Diet

Our meal prep deliveries can be varied for many needs. While some have certain dietary requirements for ethical or religious reasons – such as Halal diets – we can also help those who need to stay gluten free.

If you are after gluten free meal prep deliveries while trying to stay fit and as sporty as possible, you may take a lot of encouragement from knowing how such a diet has helped many sports stars achieve their potential when they have cut out gluten.

The most famous of these is tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, who credits the switch to a gluten free diet made in 2010. While the player holds some rather eccentric and controversial views on some medical topics, not least Covid vaccination, this move was undoubtedly to his benefit, as it has transformed him from a player whose energy levels sagged in matches to a man of supreme fitness.

It is not just a tennis player with a wheat intolerance like Djokovic who can benefit from going gluten free. 

Darts is not exactly a sport associated with fitness, but amid the pints and big bellies there is Welsh player Gerwyn Price, who has put a recent resurgence in form down to a new gluten-free diet. Before the change he had been suffering from a water retention problem in his hands and feet, something attributed to his diet, which prompted the switch – and an upturn in his fortunes.

This does not mean going gluten-free works for everyone who plays sport. For instance, Djokovic’s long-time friend and rival Andy Murray decided to follow suit and try going gluten free, only to find it left him exhausted. He soon gave it up.

Nonetheless, if you need a gluten free diet, you have everyone from a tennis legend to a top darts player to show it can help you perform at your sporting best.