Meals For An Active Summer

Now the weather is getting warmer and the days longer, many people will be getting more active and venturing outdoors more. However, that can quickly reveal how much people need to improve their fitness.

Whether it is getting that beach body ready, playing summer sports like cricket and tennis or planning to put on the hiking boots to climb some mountains or take on a long-distance trail, many people will want to get themselves in shape.

When it comes to diets, there are two aspects of this that matter. The first is the need to cut out unhealthy foods full of sugar and fat that lead to the pounds being piled on. The second is to eat food that can help provide more strength and extra ‘low burn’ energy, especially on days just before undertaking strenuous exercise.

Getting the right food ready when living a busy life is not simple, however, so it can be very effective to have healthy prepared meals delivered to your workplace to set up the right way.

For those who are planning to do some exercise later in the same day, such as going to the gym or running after work, your food should be loaded with healthy carbs and proteins. Sugar is no use because it simply provides short-term energy or is converted into fat.

Carbs, however, provide slower-release energy. It means your body can store it as you digest it and then draw down that energy when you start to exercise. Yoghurt and fruit is a good example of this.

Protein, which can be found in meat but also vegetables like pulses, is vital for strength and building muscle mass. It particularly helps with athletic performance, which is especially handy if you are playing sport.

Should you be planning a longer exertion, like a weekend walking in a national park or a distance run, carbs like pasta can be very useful in helping build up a large store of energy, something to help you keep going when you are several miles into the run or up on a mountain with a long way to get home.

All this is crucial if you are setting a really big challenge, like taking on an organised distance run of 10K, half marathon or full marathon distance. Another example would be taking on a challenge like a long-distance walk over several days, popular ones including the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail and the West Highland Way.

If you are taking on such big challenges, you will benefit from a lot of good diet and conditioning work. It means eating well not just the day or week beforehand, but several weeks or even months. That will enable you to work hard on getting fit, build muscle strength to avoid injuries and burn off any excess fat.

By getting regular meal deliveries, you can avoid situations where a busy week leaves you cutting corners, ensuring that you do everything you can to get yourself looking and feeling in the best possible shape for your summer activities.