Prepare For Change After Ramadan

As every Muslim knows, this last month (April 2nd-May 1st) has been the holy month of Ramadan, with the daily fasting routine being something everyone observing the month will have diligently observed.

Breaking the fast after a long time without food is, of course, something best done with something that is nice and easy on the stomach, although those used to undertaking regular fasting will find their bodies are used to this and will not struggle to cope in the way people who are not used to fasting might.

Nonetheless, now Eid is upon us (depending on when the moon is sighted), the time of fasting is at an end and that means it’s time to return to normal for most.

However, you might have considered whether that is exactly how you want to do it. Many people, not just Muslims, will often look at their diets and decide they want to eat more healthily, eat less, or even just be more organised about it, so they are not rushing around sneaking meals into small gaps in a busy schedule.

If you want to do this, now could be a perfect time to consider a daily Halal meal delivery. Not only will you get straightforward, no-fuss a cess to food that is compliant with Islamic laws, but something that is prepared professionally and comes with the necessary range of nutrition, healthy ingredients and lots of taste.

During Ramadan, the kind of food you will eat when you break your fast should be good and contain all the right things to give your body just what it needs. That will certainly include avoiding some unhealthy things like high levels of fat and sugar, while stewing or grilling is healthier than frying and excess salt should be avoided. Similarly, go for fruit instead of sweets or chocolate.

However, the simple truth is that these kinds of ingredients are best avoided in any case, which is why you should be looking to at least reduce them in your diet for the other 11 months of the year too.

Although Muslims have a head-start in some areas over other people by not consuming alcohol or pork (which has a high fat content), there are still lots of sweet temptations, fatty meats and processed meals around, with all sorts of extra sugar, fat and salt added that you really don’t need.

That’s why pre-prepared meals are such good news. Because the ingredients are fresh and not pre-packed with loads of preservatives and additives, you can be sure you are getting healthy food to keep you eating well. If you want to get fitter and healthier, especially as summer comes and the weather offers more opportunities to get outside, now is the perfect time.

Eid is an ending, and for those who care about their spiritual discipline and obedience it is an important juncture, but it can also mark the beginning of a time when you take the opportunity to get into a healthy eating routine; one that will ensure you have very enjoyable meals that are also extremely good for you.