The Best Foods For Muscle Recovery

If you are working on your physical condition, you’ll be very keen to both build up muscle and burn off fat. But all that exercise, whether in the gym, on the running track or long walks, can take its toll.

Feeling a bit tired after burning up energy is not the only effect. Your muscles can suffer slight damage such as strains and minor tears as well as effects like the build-up of lactic acid. On their own these do not constitute significant injury, but you need the right approach to recovery to make sure these don’t become something major.

While resting is an important factor, so too is recovery food. That’s why your muscle build meal prep should always include ingredients that will ensure you don’t get an injury that will hold back your progress.

There are various elements to consider in your diet. For instance, while body builders might use whey powder as a supplement, you can actually find whey protein in very common foods such as cottage cheese, which also provides casein protein, a slow-burner that works even as you sleep.

Protein in general is very important, which is where foods like eggs, sweet potatoes and salmon come in.

Salmon is also one of the best sources of potassium, which contains key electrolytes – vital for helping you rehydrate. Spinach is also rich in these and other crucial minerals like magnesium and vitamins. Popeye clearly knew what he was doing when he made it a key part of his diet.

Bananas also provide high levels of potassium and, as every sportsman knows, are one of the best ways of getting energy in your system fast.

Other great food options include blueberries and raspberries, with high levels of antioxidants to help recovery, while protein-rich chia seeds can be mixed in with cereal or yoghurt.

By focusing on these foods when you are working out, you can keep your energy levels high and ensure you recover well, ready for your next day’s exertions.