The healthy grab-and go Greggs

The healthy grab-and go Greggs run by ex Gordon Ramsay chef that is going from strength to strength

It’s a healthy grab-and-go food business that’s growing rapidly.

Huddersfield-based pREP has unashamedly followed the Greggs business model.

Often quick meals aren’t healthy meals but that’s where pREP scores.

Opened two-and-a-half years ago in Southgate near the town centre, pREP caters for customers on the go – selling sandwiches, wholemeal wraps, healthy snacks and healthy microwavable meals.

And such has been its success, the company recently expanded into the shop next door.

One of the owners, Scott Hufton, said: “We are a meal prep company with a twist. Our business model is similar to Greggs.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we opened next door to Greggs throughout the UK? We want to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

pREP sells through the shop, open five days a week, but also has an online home delivery service offering weekly or even monthly meal prep bundles.

Scott said: “Our shop business is based on grab-and-go, so if you need something healthy and quick we are the place. We offer off-the-shelf meals which can be microwaved in three minutes in store, at home or at work.

“We are also a sustainable business as we only use plastic containers which are reusable. We could use cheaper throwaway plastic but we choose to invest in the environment as it goes hand in hand with our brand.

“A typical meal may be lean jerk chicken with wholemeal rice and peas. We make healthy eating tasty.

“If you want to pick up your tea whilst grabbing your lunch to save yourself having to go shopping or cooking later on you can.

“If you want to grab a week’s worth of meals without pre-ordering there is plenty of choice in our fridges”

The next part of the plan is to offer smaller portioned meals for children and older people, said Scott.

“A typical example of this would be a shepherd’s pie consisting of lean mince topped with sweet potato and protein cheese which can simply be popped in the microwave.

“It’s easy, fast and healthy food. Everything is cooked fresh that same morning.”

Owner-chef Lashaun Pryce, a former head chef at Caribbean restaurant Discovery Bay in Huddersfield, has worked on The F Word with Gordon Ramsey.

Scott said it was hoped to expand the business and open more shops around the country.

They have met with Asda and want grab-and-go points at supermarkets, service stations and on train lines.

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