The Ideal Foods For Long Walking Days

Many a meal has been prepared with a lot of exercise in mind. It could be quick energy for a sporting fixture, recovery food for afterwards, or simply something to provide a regular flow of stamina for a busy time.

This time of year is optimal for the latter, if you like going walking in the countryside. That is something people can do all year round, but the long daylight hours of June mean much longer jaunts can be undertaken, usually in better weather, which may offer more chance to conquer a mountain or tick off several peaks.

What you need is a meal beforehand with lots of slow-release energy. Sugar is no good as it is a quick-release source, so save the jelly babies for that final heave to the summit. The best meal prep for UK walking days will involve ingredients like carbs and fatty acids.

That means pasta, oats or potatoes are ideal for the carbs, while oily fish and avocadoes are great for fatty acids. Avoid high-fat saturated foods. Pork pies, for instance, offer virtually nothing of value, especially on the day itself.

All this should give you the slow-burn energy your muscles need for energetic days. You can then supplement this with your day’s provisions, which should not be a sit-down lunch but rather a series of snacks, using things like bananas and flapjacks to get lots of energy in quickly, and salty crisps for later on to help replace what you sweat out on a hot day.

You should also consider what you are eating after your hike. Recovery food is important, especially if you are walking again the next day. Chilli is useful because it contains carbs, proteins and B vitamins, all of which help muscle recovery.

Other great foods for carbs and protein include chicken, pasta and rice, but you can add smoothies and hot chocolate to this list too.

Midsummer can see people take on some of the biggest walking challenges, such as the National Three Peaks Challenge or long distance trails. If you plan to do something like this, make sure you are fuelled properly.