The Most Effective Exercises For Shedding Fat

Having a healthy waistline doesn’t just look great, it can also point to better overall health. In fact, fat around our midriff is linked to a number of serious health issues.

Problem is, losing fat can be difficult – especially if you’re not doing the right exercises. Many people believe that to shrink your waist you simply do some cardio and the weight falls off like magic, but sadly that’s just not true. 

To shift stubborn fat, you’ll need to employ specific exercises, as well as having the right diet. So here we offer some tips to help you achieve your fat-loss goals. 

HIIT Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the omega of fat-burning exercise regimes. Its blend of high-intensity bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods fires up the metabolism and speeds up the heartbeat rapidly, which promotes fat oxidation even after the workout has ended. 

Studies have shown that HIIT helps shift fat and fat but also helps preserve muscle mass, contributing to a toned physique which, let’s be honest, is what most of us desire!

Dissecting Traditional Cardio’s Role

Contrary to popular belief, traditional steady-state cardio, such as prolonged running or lengthy cross-trainer sessions aren’t the best way to achieve fat loss. In fact, this type of exercise doesn’t really help with losing weight at all.

While these exercises can aid calorie burning during the workout, they lack the post-exercise metabolic boost achieved with HIIT. What’s even worse for those looking to tone up and build muscle, steady-state cardio may inadvertently lead to muscle loss.

Considering all this, HIIT is most definitely the go-to if you want to burn fat and preserve muscle.

Best HIIT Exercises

So now we know that HIIT exercises are the best for burning fat, the question is this: which ones are most effective? In truth, much of this depends on personal preference. Frankly, most of us tend to be more committed to doing an exercise if it’s one we enjoy!

Luckily, there are loads of HIT exercises that should help you shift that belly fat. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Sprints And Hill Sprints:

Whether it’s on the treadmill in the gym or you’re hitting hills in your local park, sprints are the daddy or HIIT training exercises, beating the competition hands down. 

Sprints require an individual to engage in high-intensity running for short bursts, before taking a short rest and repeating the sequence again. This explosion of energy elevates the heart rate and incinerates calories, tapping into those hard-to-shift fat reserves.


Burpees combine explosive movements with strength-building for a full-body exercise that’s guaranteed to shift some of that stubborn fat.

By rapidly moving between a squat thrust, push up and a jump (repeatedly), burpees get the blood pumping in no time. 

Try doing sets of 10,15 or even 20 at a time and you’ll soon see why these are an essential component of any HIIT workout.

Jump Squats:

Another exercise that targets the legs and glutes for maximum energy expenditure is jumping squats. Their dynamic nature amplifies calorie burn to help you shed the pounds. 

Similar to burpees, start off with sets of 10 and see how you go. Gradually increase this and do multiple sets and you’ll soon burn plenty of calories.

Plank Jacks:

Some of the best exercises are the ones that take elements of other movements and combine them to make something even better and plank jacks are a perfect example of that. 

Plank jacks take the core-strengthening power of planks with the cardio-orientated jumping jacks to target the core, shoulders and legs. After a few sets this one should really get the heart beating, making it an effective fat burner.

Russian Twists:

Another exercise that targets multiple muscle groups, Russian twists involve rotational movements that enhance core strength while elevating heart rate.

This one is ideal if you want to build the core and oblique muscles, and once you get stronger and it starts to get easier, you can add weight or increase the amount of reps to burn off even more calories.


When it comes to losing fat, equally if not more important is to ensure you’re eating the right type of foods.

One of the most important steps when trying to lose fat is to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Although these foods provide quick energy which can be beneficial for training, carbohydrates can contribute to fat storage when consumed in excess.

The key is to consume a balanced diet that’s high in quality protein, good fats and low amounts of fat and starchy carbohydrates. Try these fat-busting foods out as well! 

Meal Prep Services

So now we’ve gone over the best exercises and touched briefly on nutrition, how do you go about ensuring you get that crucial balanced diet? These days, some of us are simply too busy to cook with fresh ingredients so it can be difficult to make sure you’re eating the right food!

But there’s a simple solution to this: meal prep services! These provide carefully portioned meals, which ensure you consume the right food and the correct number of calories to hit your goals. 

Furthermore, our meals are designed to offer the correct balance of macronutrient and micronutrient balance, with a focus on adequate protein, healthy fats and controlled carbohydrates.

So those are the exercises you need to be doing if you want to maximise your fat loss. Losing fat can be challenging, but with the right exercise plan and the correct diet, it can be achieved and you can get on the road to a trimmer, healthier you.