Three Easy Ways To Shed Christmas The Pounds After Christmas

Most of us put on weight over Christmas, whether it’s due to the excessive festive parties, big roast dinners, nibbles galore, or a lack of control around the chocolates and cakes. So, when it comes to January, you won’t be alone if you want to shed a few pounds. 

Here are three easy ways to lose your Christmas weight without restricting yourself. 

Plenty of water

While you might assume you need to eat a diet of chicken and lettuce to lose weight after Christmas, the answer could just be to drink plenty of water.

Most of the weight increase you’ll see on the scales will be down to water retention due to eating lots more salt and processed food, so increase your fluid intake to flush out toxins.

The recommended daily amount of water is six to eight glasses a day, which also helps you steer clear of alcohol, fizzy and sugary drinks. 

Start walking more

It is quite usual to join a gym in the new year, but how many people who didn’t go to one before are suddenly going to start lifting weights and pounding the treadmill? 

Moving more is key to using energy and burning fat, but it is important to find an activity you enjoy as you are more likely to stick with it. For lots of people, this could simply be walking, making sure they hit 10,000 steps a day after being mainly sedentary over the holiday season. 

Meal prep

Avoid the leftover Christmas treats by planning your meals ahead. Write a menu for the week and batch cook them, so you aren’t left hungry reaching for the chocolate tin. 

Meal prep services that deliver healthy dishes to your door are ideal for busy lifestyles, ensuring you are eating nutritious foods and aren’t tempted by takeaways or microwave dinners.