Three Healthy Slow Cooker Meals To Add To Meal Prep

Time is the biggest challenge to healthy eating, and when working on meal plans and weekly meal prep, any avenue to save time and effort is a step towards ensuring a healthy diet sticks.

Slow cookers have become a major tool for many meal preppers as nutritious, filling meals can be prepared in large quantities quickly and can be left to cook throughout the day.

Here are some of our favourite healthy slow cooker meals to add to meal prep dishes.


Chicken Congee

A popular breakfast dish in China, congee is a savoury rice porridge made from chicken thighs, rice and dried chillies to provide a unique way to fit your classic protein and grains into a meal.

The recipe calls for white rice, but brown rice can be substituted providing you add another two hours to the slow cook time.


Coq Au Vin

Typically seen as a complex dish that needs a lot of attention, but thanks to a slow cooker the prep takes just half an hour. With a hearty mix of chicken, potatoes, mushrooms and a red wine sauce, this meal can be a nutritious balanced pick-me-up for days afterwards.


Cedar Plank Salmon

This meal needs a little more prep than most, primarily because you need to use a bit of carpentry skill to actually make the plank fit the slow cooker.

However, the smoky result it provides along with the lemon and mustard gives your salmon a taste to die for, along with all of the incredible omega-3 benefits of the salmon.