Top Three Tips On Eating Well For A Healthier New Year

Most people who make new year’s resolutions commit themselves to eating more healthily, losing weight or exercising more, with health-related lifestyle changes being the most popular to make. 

However, research has revealed that 64 per cent have given up on their new year’s resolutions by the time February rolls around, mostly due to a loss of motivation and a busy lifestyle. 

For those who have committed to eating more healthily in 2023, the time it takes to plan, buy ingredients for, and make homecooked food can put many people off after a while, as it is considerably quicker and easier to pop a ready meal in the microwave, buy a packet of biscuits or order a takeaway. 

However, these tips will help you stick to your nutrition goals this year. 

Meal prep services

Recognise you aren’t going to spend every Sunday cooking all your meals for the week because you don’t have the time and simply don’t want to. Instead, order from meal prep services, so you can receive healthy dishes to your door without having to fry, boil, steam or roast anything yourself. 


It might sound counterintuitive to make yourself snack, but lots of people fall off the wagon by cutting too many calories too quickly. If you have a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch, the chances are you’ll be either overindulging come dinner time or reaching for a family-sized bag of crisps at 4pm. 

So plan in healthy snacks to keep your cravings at bay and avoid a binge-restrict cycle. 

Eat smart

Eating well doesn’t mean eating less, as you can enjoy abundant portions if you choose the right foods. For instance, you could swap half a cup of granola for one and a half cups of porridge or one cup of pretzels for five cups of popcorn for similar calories. 

The trick is to eat more volume without consuming higher calories, as this will keep you fuller for longer.