Top Tips For Easy Meal Prepping

Organising a balanced meal prep is as easy or as complicated as you make it, but when starting out many people are stunned by how easy the fundamental steps of planning your meals, batch cooking and storing them really are.

The key to a successful meal prep plan is the same as the key to a healthy lifestyle; it needs to fit around you first and foremost, and so the main difficulty people have at first is finding a schedule and a system that lets them prepare their meals in advance.

Here are some top tips to help make your meal prep life easier.


Carve Out Some Dedicated Prep Time

If you do not feel like you have time to get around to meal prepping, make time. Make sure you have a few hours free each week to plan your week’s meals, create a shopping list, go shopping for anything you need and cook/portion out your food.

If you have a dedicated time each week for it, you will be surprised how little time it takes.


Have A System That Works For You

Everyone has their own way of organising their meal prepping space and that is absolutely fine. So long as you have your food, cooking space and storage containers, and the space to make sure your food is prepared safely, it is the right way to meal prep.


Spice Up Your Week

Spices, herbs and marinades are vital parts of any meal prep pantry, as they can transform a week’s worth of the same meal into a haven of variety.

As well as this, many herbs and spices provide health benefits in their own right which can help if your primary goal for meal prep is healthy eating.