Top Tips For Healthy Eating After Indulging Over Easter

If you overindulged on chocolate eggs, cake and booze over the Easter weekend, you certainly won’t be alone, so don’t beat yourself up about how many calories you’ve consumed. 

Here are some tips on how you can get back on track after the bank holiday, so you can still meet your fitness and aesthetic goals. 

Wean off the chocolate

While you might think it’s better to lock away any remaining eggs so you aren’t tempted, this could actually end up with you craving them even more and potentially bingeing on them. 

My Protein recommends eating a small serving of your chocolate egg in the evening, so you can reward yourself for being on track with your nutrition and are less likely to overindulge. 

Get back to old habits

Don’t let alcoholic drinks, big breakfasts and after-dinner cakes become your new habit and get back to your old routine as soon as possible. 

According to Heart Research: “If we are able to return to our habit straight away, we are more likely to continue it going forwards.”

Get back to exercising, drinking plenty of water, eating well and sticking to your calories and the Easter weekend won’t derail your progress. 

Food prep services

Lots of people struggle with self-discipline, especially when they’ve had a taste of eating what they want. That is why ordering meal prep delivery is a good option, as you can get healthy dinners prepared for you, eliminating choice and temptation. 

You’ll be able to guarantee your meals will meet your macro, calorie and nutritional targets, leaving you more time to sleep, workout or hydrate and be consistent.