Top Tips On Meal Prepping

The best way to ensure you eat healthily over the week is to have your meals prepared in advance, so you’re not tempted to open the snack cupboard or buy convenience foods.

Here are our tips on how to meal prep to give you the best chance of sticking with your nutritional goals.

Write a menu

First of all, you need to sit down and write a menu for the week, so you can be sure you have enough ingredients, and each meal hits your macronutrient targets. You should even plan your snacks and breakfasts, so you don’t grab sugary cereal or buy a chocolate bar.

Pick common ingredients

It is a good idea to choose ingredients that will cover a few recipes, such as fresh peppers and courgettes, tins of beans or chicken that can be used in a salad, a main dish or in a sauce. Having a big stock of ingredients will also mean you only have to shop once, and won’t keep buying new items.

Have a stocked store cupboard

As well as writing a shopping list of ingredients you’ll need for your menu, you should also have a few things in your pantry that can liven up any meal – from staples like pasta and rice to spices and nuts or seeds.

Batch cook

The next step is to batch cook large portions of your meals in one go and then divide them up into food storage boxes, so they are the right portion. You can then place them in the fridge if they are to be eaten within the next few days or freeze them for later.

To make it easier to stick to healthy eating, consider using our meal prep services.