Top Tips When Returning To A Meal Prep Routine

Once you have fallen out of a routine, it can be sometimes difficult to find that rhythm again, and whilst it almost always comes in time, it always helps to have a few motivations and boosts to get you back going again.

That is especially true when it comes to many aspects of fitness, including both exercise and diet aspects, and getting going again can feel almost like a sheer cliff to climb at times.

However, there are many ways to make a return to your meal prep easier, and that does not just include ordering delicious, nutritious meals crafted to meet your particular dietary requirements and fitness goals.

Here are some top tips to make returning to meal prepping easier.

Think About Why

There are so many reasons people start to prep, why they stopped and why they want to prep again.

There are a lot of benefits to meal prepping in terms of saving money, saving time and having the peace of mind that you have fresh food waiting for you when you need it, but there are times when people stop their meal plan.

Sometimes the reason is that the reason they went on a particular prep is complete. Maybe they met that fitness goal, completed that competition or reached their goal weight successfully and managed to keep the weight off.

In other cases, particularly over the past few years, circumstances have changed and their traditional prep time is no longer available to them the way it used to be.

Sometimes routines simply slip, or there was a particular experience that made you subconsciously reluctant to prep again.

By looking inward at your motivations you can evaluate what worked, and what could be improved to make your meal plan even better the next time.

Think about the times when you want to cook the least and when a delicious pre-prepared meal would be perfect.

Start Small, Start Simple

Prepping is not all or nothing; you can prep as many or as few meals as you like.

If you are not ready to make a week’s worth of main meals, prepare some healthy snack bowls or overnight oats to give yourself a boost at breakfast or during the day.

Every muscle is built one exercise at a time, every journey is taken one step at a time, and every great meal plan is built one meal at a time.

Maximise Your Current Cooking

The first tip a lot of meal preppers give to newbies is just to double whatever they are already cooking and put the rest in containers, and this is equally true when you are coming back to meal prepping.

This is always the best start, as it gives you an amazing meal to start off with and then you can move on to a more significant plan.

Alternatively, start with a soup; they can often be made in big portions, taste fantastic, only need a single pot to cook in and benefit from being chilled in the fridge as the ingredients have time to marinade.

Shortcuts Are Always Fine

Never feel like you need to have a set of prepped meals that come completely from scratch if you do not feel comfortable making them or don’t have the time.

It is perfectly fine to buy a pre-cooked chicken and shred it ready for the week. It is fine to buy pre-cut vegetables and salads. It is fine to buy microwave grains. Do not feel you need to make your own sauces if you do not have the time.