What’s In Season: February

The start of a new month is always an exciting time, because it means all sorts of delicious new produce comes into season – so our plates can become even more varied than before, ensuring we get all the nutrients and sustenance we need.

February has just begun, which means you can now start looking out for veggies like beetroot, brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, leeks, celeriac, mushrooms, parsnips, red cabbage, spring greens, swede white cabbage… and a whole lot more!

That’s a huge amount of vegetation to choose from so you’re sure to have a great time deciding what to put on your menus week in week out.

Eating seasonally has all sorts of benefits associated with it, so it’s certainly worth looking into as a diet to follow. The fresher your food the better it is for you, so you’ll enjoy feeling healthier season by season – and you might even be surprised by just how much more flavourful in-season produce can actually be.

It’s also a brilliant way to discover new ingredients. You’re sure to come across a vast array of different foods you might not have encountered before, feeling fully inspired to try some delicious new dishes from time to time.

Seasonal eating is also kinder to the planet, so if you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint this year, what a brilliant place to begin! Shopping locally for produce can make a significant difference to your footprint – as well as giving you the opportunity to support your local economy and meet people in the community.


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