What’s In Season: May

May is just around the corner now and this is amazing news for all you foodies out there, as there’s so much delicious produce that’s just starting to come into season, in line with the warmer weather.

We’re sure that the sunshine has put a bit of a spring in your step after a long and rather dreary winter, but just in case you’re still plodding along, here are just a few of the scrumptious goodies you can start putting on your plate over the coming weeks – and some recipe ideas to help you along in the kitchen, as well. Enjoy!



Asparagus is just coming into season in May and we just can’t wait to start enjoying this tasty little veggie. From a health perspective, asparagus is a great source of vitamins K, C and A, is high in folate and is chock full of antioxidants, all of which can help support your immune system and ward off all sorts of nasty diseases.

It’s also very easy to cook and works well no matter whether you fry it, char it, steam it, roast it or boil it. It’s perfectly versatile! Check out this recipe for lemony roasted asparagus, new potato and pea salad… ideal for sunny spring days.



Got a sweet tooth? Then you’ll be pleased to hear rhubarb is back in season right now – and there’s a lot you can do with it, from a sweet and a savoury perspective, as well. If you’re after a new cocktail idea, what about making yourself a rhubarb gin and tonic? That’ll put some pep in your step!

Or you could consider making yourself some spicy rhubarb and date chutney? Make enough and you’ve got your Christmas presents sorted for the end of the year! Just make sure it sits for at least a month before you crack it open to really let those flavours develop.



Ever tried samphire on for size? If you’re yet to sample it, you really are in for a bit of a treat. There’s a reason it always features on Masterchef, after all! It looks a little like baby asparagus but tastes absolutely nothing like it, bearing a crisp and moreish salty taste. 

You can chuck it in salads raw, but you may find that it’s overly salty if you do that so just steam it or boil it for a few minutes if you’re unsure of the taste.

After a recipe to give samphire a go? Take a look at this fish dish of grilled sea trout, prosciutto, samphire and lentils. You’re sure to come away wanting samphire again and again!


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