Why Farm Shop Meat is better!

Fertile Ground – Farm shops offer a fertile ground for small local businesses such as us who are really passionate about what we do. That enthusiasm comes through in the superior quality of their produce.

Exceptional Produce – While some supermarket meats are decent, you wont run the risk of buying ‘watered down produce’. That’s right, some supermarkets have been injecting water into chicken breasts to pump them up. That extra nutrition you think you’re getting might just be a little extra water!

Support – We are really proud to support local businesses who, in turn, support the local economy by employing local people.

Animal welfare– our farm practices higher welfare standards. A lot of supermarket meat, in particular the budget processed options, tend to be factory farmed.

We use the highest standard of meat from Bolster Moor Farm as we require our ingredients to be the highest source of nutrition!

See more of how we use these ingredients in our exceptionally tasting meal bundles;


Nowadays, it seems everything can make you Ill. It’s true, there are things sprayed on the plants, metals in your water and even the air you breathe that can be toxic for your body. It’s one of the leading causes of illness. Putting things inside of your body that interferes with the natural chemistry needed for full health. Even with machinery, your car, for example, you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in and expect it to perform. So why do we do this with our bodies?

In a world of fierce competition, give yourself a chance. Feed your body with the ‘right stuff’ and you’ll gain clarity of mind, stamina, energy and a positive mindset that will rub off on others that will leave you unstoppable.

www.prepuk.com – No gases, salt, genetically modified food. Just the ‘good stuff’ your body needs to perform in this insanely competitive world.

Get Healthy

We get it. We’ve all been there. We have intentions to change. We have told people what we intend to do. The rubbish feeling we feel after the festive period adds fuel to our motivation of following through on real lasting change. Yet…we never make it past one month!

Here are 5 tips to get past that one month.

1. Convenience
If not, we will use every excuse we can find and go with the flow. Properly set this habit up. Either plan your meals, batch cook at the start of the week or go with the easiest…order from prep UK 😉

2. Make it tasty
Most people believe that dieting has to be tasteless, unfulfilling and boring. Knowing what spices and herbs to add can really pay off in taste but they have untold benefits also.
Don’t have time to research or learn? We have it covered for you 😉

3. Distraction
Make no mistake, the temptations will be there. It will know away at you until you give in if you let it. Beat them by going for a walk or occupying yourself in something that will distract you. Fancy a game of FIFA?

4. Drink a pint of water
Often, we can confuse hunger for thirst. Don’t be fooled. Try this hack first.

5. Persevere
The only difference between success and failure is persistence. We may fall off that wagon, but get back on and go at it again!