Why Should You Meal Prep When Working From Home?

The first impression many people have of meal prepping is that is purely about saving time or improving fitness.

Whilst it is the case that making a meal in advance allows office employees to have a much more nutritious dish than a typical meal deal, and indeed nearly all fitness regimes involve weekly meal prep to ensure careful calorie control and intake, these are not the only reasons to meal prep.

Here are some of the main benefits of meal prepping when working from home.


Planning Brings Results

In general, planning ensures the best chance of success, as you ensure ahead of time that you have every ingredient and utensil you may need.

Whilst planning benefits business in a different way to the kitchen, removing uncertainty and guaranteeing yourself a delicious meal each day without worrying about how much time you have to prepare it is a strong motivator and morale boost.


No More Desk Lunches

Working from home has thankfully eradicated the “desk meal” from most people’s day, and given people their lunch break back.

Having an actual lunch break, with actual food eaten using actual utensils and crockery can help reduce fatigue, improve digestion and make you more mindful of your diet and food intake.

This in turn helps you feel more satisfied with less food.



Batch cooking and other forms of meal prep are much easier on the wallet than buying takeaways, ready meals or visiting restaurants, as buying in bulk is inherently cheaper.

It takes less time overall than cooking food throughout the week and can be stored for weeks if frozen.