Maintain Meat Weekly Bundle


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Jerk Chicken and Rice and Peas - Maintain


Smoked Chicken Fajitas - Maintain


Chicken Bangers and Mash - Maintain


Spaghetti Bolognese - Maintain


Beef Cottage Pie - Maintain


Pulled Chicken and Rice - Maintain


Authentic Chicken Curry - Maintain



Ready Made Weekly Plans

01 Jerk Chicken with Rice & Pea
With Wholegrain Rice & Peas Made With Soul.

144g Cooked Chicken
36g Jerk Seasoning
120g Wholegrain Rice
25g Cooked Weight

Calories: 438
Carbs: 45.7g
Protein: 41.7g
Fat: 5.2g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: Celery,
Suitable For: Gluten-Free, Halal

02 Chicken Fajitas – Smoky Chicken fajitas served with Tomato salsa
With Homemade Tangy Tomato Salsa And Mexican Peppers.

144g Cooked Chicken
25g Sliced Pepper
15g Sliced Red Onion
21g Smoked Paprika
100g Sweet Chilli Sauce
50g Chicken Seasoning
120g Rice

Calories: 580
Carbs: 68.7g
Protein: 44.2g
Fat: 8.7g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: Celery,  Mustard
Suitable For: Halal, Gluten Free

03 Bangers & mash. Chicken sausage & Sweet Potato Mash
Succulent Bolster Moor Farm Shop Chicken Sausages & Rustic Sweet Potato Mash.

144g Chicken Sausage
216g Sweet Potato Mash

Calories: 437.37
Carbs: 57.8g
Protein: 27.12g
Fat: 9.41g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: None
Suitable For: Gluten-Free, Halal

04 Spag Bol. Wholemeal spaghetti with Beef mince & protein cheese
Traditional Whole-wheat Spaghetti With Beef Mince & A Sprinkle Of Protein Cheese.

120g Whole-wheat Spaghetti
144g Beef Mince
20g Protein Cheese
72g Jerk Seasoning
64g 50% Less Sugar Ketchup

Calories: 562.3
Carbs: 60.7g
Protein: 53.59g
Fat: 10.54g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: Celery, Cereals Containing Gluten, Wheat, Milk
Suitable For: Halal


05 Authentic Chicken Curry
A Marinated Chicken Curry Made Flavoursome By A Mixture Of Herbs And Spices

Cooked Chicken: 144g

Wholemeal Rice 120g

Onions: 40g

Tomato Passata: 21g

Spice blend – Turmeric, Paprika,
Cumin, Coriander, Garlic, Ginger


Protein: 44g
Fats: 9.7g
Carbohydrates: 52.2g
Calories: 470

May Contain: Nuts, Mustard, Milk, Soya, Eggs, Celery
Allergens: Sulphur Dioxide,
Suitable For: Halal, Gluten Free


06 Cottage Pie. Beef jerk mince with sweet potato mash & protein cheese
Homely Beef Jerk Mince With A Sweet Potato Topping & Melted Protein Cheese.

144g Beef Mince
72g 50% Less Sugar Ketchup
64g Jerk Seasoning
216g Sweet Potato Mash
20g Protein Cheese

Calories: 571.3
Carbs: 67.16g
Protein: 49.73g
Fat: 10.14g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: Milk, Celery,
Suitable For: Gluten-Free, Halal

07 BBQ Pulled Chicken with wholemeal rice & veg
With PREPs Special BBQ Sauce & Yummy Wholegrain Rice.

144g Cooked Chicken
120g Wholegrain Rice
36g BBQ Seasoning
20g Assorted Veg – Broccoli, Green Beans, Spinach

Calories: 434
Carbs: 45g
Protein: 41.5g
Fat: 5.2g

May Contain: Nuts
Allergens: Celery,  Sesame Seeds,
Suitable For: Halal, Gluten Free